New arrivals

Handmade Small Batch Soaps. 
Frost Nipper, Dragons Blood, Fir Needle, Lavender and Pine, Citrus Cedar Sage, Eucalyptuses hemp , 
Chocolate Cinnamon. And many more. $5.00 per bar, 2 for $ 9.00 . One for you One for ....... yes great gifts! 

Smudge Sticks .
From my Organic Herb Beds. Great growing season this year, and was able to harvest an abundance of my favorites to share. Sage, thyme, lavender, and oregano! Each bundle is wrapped with all natural cotton twine. Smudging, Bouquet Garni, or hanging to dry simply for its fragernce. $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00

I want every single candle! #golden-coast no.21 #campfire no.14
#teakwood and tobacco no.4 #nightshade no.25 #amberandmoss no.11 PF Candle Co.

Charcoal Incense Hand Dipped in California each packet contains 15 sticks. # no.29 Piñon, # no.28 Black Fig 
Kimonos, Bomber Jackets, Floral Yoga Pants , Scarves
Kimonos, Bomber Jackets, Floral Yoga Pants , Scarves

Silver Chain with pendant Necklaces. Lightweight, everyday style. Gift giving season, one for you too! $16-$19.00 

Macrame Wall hangings bring a cozy unique style to your Nest. Psst.......Airplants like them too!💚💞💕🌿🌱

A softer approach for the New Year. Faux Fur Scarves, Knitted Caps in Ivory and Pink Quartz. Colors of Sunrise and Sunsets!